This week we’re talking a little VINTAGE……………..

Or is it retro? Pray tell, what is the difference? Is there a difference at all!

We’re here to clear it all up. Yes, apparently, there is a difference.

We’ll spice this week’s post up with a little GIVEAWAY as well. Keep reading and have some fun with us…

The true meaning of the word vintage relates to wine of high quality, actually. If you read the definition you will come to same conclusion as we did. It relates to knitting as well. Vintage denotes something from the past, of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind. It’s old and it’s good and suggests authenticity.

In the world of fashion everything reappears after 20 years. This is where RETRO comes in. Retro suggests ‘in the style of’ or to put it more bluntly ‘a copy of’. If you are still confused about whether something is retro or whether or not you should wear it now. Here is a tip: if you wore it 20 years ago, don’t wear it now! It’s a delicate balance. Show it to your grand children if they ‘OMG-it’! Hand it over.

Image Image

Vintage Retro

Wire baskets overflowing with old knitting, crocheting and sewing patterns were to be found in Op shops everywhere. There was a time when they were referred to as old. How things have changed. Why? As this is a knitting blog, we will leave the social history debates to the experts. We’ll look at it from our perspective…

Is it because the front covers look this?


Or the opening pages look like this?


Or is it the possibility of finding ‘Sylvia’s Hug-me-tight’ hand written hiding between the pages of an old knitting book?


It’s probably all of the above. Most of all it confirms that there were women who went before us. They also bought books and patterns and wanted to knit every garment in the book. Did they? I’m sure they had the same dilemmas as we have today. What would they think of our yarn choices to day? They probably would have thought that they had died and gone to heaven and so they have because heaven knows they knitted for different reasons to us, with way less choice and much more frugality than we ever will. Even so, we are connected and we believe this is one of the reasons why we love these books and patterns so much.

Vintage or Retro – no matter. Lets just keep knitting it all.

Image There’s a retro version of this here.


We have had quite a few requests for a pattern for a ‘Hug me Tight’. We have yet to figure out what it looks like. Is there anybody out there willing to give this a go? Does anyone have an image of said garment?


We are looking for a caption to this glorious image. Run along to our Facebook page where you will find it. Put your caption in the comments box. We will pick a winner next week. The winner will receive one of Viv’s very beautifully made in Australia project bags. Just before we all get over excited. We are aware how easily this image could conjure up captions below the belt. Innuendos are fine but lets keep it relatively clean.


Before we end off wishing you a fabulous knitting and whatever it is you do week, here’s what Viv’s project bag looks like


For the winner of the best caption.

5 thoughts on “This week we’re talking a little VINTAGE……………..”

  1. Attached please find three hug-me-tight patterns. Hope these are of assistance. Please contact me if you require any further info or if you would like the pattern books.


    Lauraine A’Vard

  2. My mum used to knit Hug Me Tights back in the 50’s. There are still plenty of knitting/crochet patterns for this style of garment for both adults and babies on the web. Just google and they’re all there. I still scour Op shops and collect old patterns as some of the garments are just stunning.
    I have already made 2 La Vie en Rose jackets over the past couple of months, it’s a beautiful and very easy pattern.

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