The Future is Here!

Knitting needles are made from wood, metal or plastic, right?

Well, yes, they are… Now though, we need to add CARBON FIBRE to that list!

Golf clubs, bicycles, tennis racquets and even space ship parts are just some of the things they’re using carbon fibre for these days. It’s strong, super lightweight and just generally awesome!

Introducing Knit Pro Karbonz! Carbon fibre knitting needles with nickel-plated brass tips. Check out how slick they look!

3mm Karbonz on Empire 4ply

3.00mm Knit Pro Karbonz with Morris Empire 4ply.

Range of Karbonz

2.00mm, 2.25mm, 2.50mm, 3.00mm, 3.25mm and 3.50mm Knit Pro Karbonz Straight Needles.

They might be good looking, but that’s probably not the most convincing reason to pick up a pair. So, why should you consider adding some Karbonz to your personal collection?

1) They have an edge over wood

Carbon fibre is incredibly strong, so it makes it a lot less likely that your small gauge needles are going to break on you. Also, the nickel-plated bronze tips allow for sharper points.

2) They have an edge over metal

They have a nice amount of flexibility (just enough but not too much!) which metal doesn’t give you. They are lighter, and easier on the hands: not so hard feeling and actually are warm to touch like wood.

Yep, these futuristic needles seem to have it all! However, what matters aren’t all the impressive specifications but how they are to knit with; so if you have tried out Karbonz, please leave a comment! We’d love to hear what you think of them!

3mm Karbonz on Empire 4ply

3.00mm Knit Pro Karbonz with Morris Empire 4ply.

2 thoughts on “The Future is Here!”

  1. I bought some 3mm DPNs and I have to say I don’t actually like them that much, they feel sticky in my hands and quite rough. You need that in a DPN to a certain extent, but to me they were uncomfortable to use. I found the join where the nickel plate meets the shaft of the needle quite ridged as well, and would catch on my yarn. On the up side they are light. Perhaps I’ve just been spoilt by my Signatures.

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