Manos del Uruguay – Dragón Cooperative

Last month our managers Adelaide and Albert went to visit Manos del Uruguays’s Dragón Cooperative in Placido Rosas, Uruguay. They were enthralled with the beautiful yarns Manos had to offer and are looking forward to bringing it directly to you!


Manos del Uruguay is an not-for-profit organization which provides craftswomen with paid work in rural areas of Uruguay and some other parts of South America. It is a member of the World Trade Organization and is 100% committed to Fair Trade. The organization allows sustainable economic growth communities and promotes handicrafts of the region, which are culturally significant to the Uruguayan people.

The exquisite Manos yarns are handspun, kettle dyed, and come in a range of plies, colours and textures.

Morris and Sons look forward to these unique yarns arriving in to stores at the beginning of the new year and supporting such a great organization. Watch out for these beautiful creations.

If you’d like more information on Manos del Uruguay you can check out their website here or their blog:


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