Fair Isle knit: Ainsley Beret

This week Emily, our very talented staff member, brought in her newest knit; the Ainsley Beret.


The Ainsley Beret pattern has been in store for a while, and as soon as Emily started working she was interested in giving it a go. Within a couple of weeks, Emily had knitted up the Morris and Sons Ainsley Beret in the new Morris Estate 4ply yarn.
The Morris Estate is great for fair isle. As it is a merino wool it is great for regulating body temperature. So good for chilly outdoor days. Fair Isle originated in the Shetland Islands on the island of Fair Isle and became very popular during the 1920’s. Traditionally the Fair Isle technique uses Shetland wool which is very sticky. This means that the colours stick together like glue. After blocking the yarn becomes very soft, lovely for garments worn close to bare skin such as berets. The stickiness of the Morris Estate 4ply Merino creates the Fair Isle effect perfectly.

A great achievement for a first fair isle knit. The pattern and yarn can be bought online and also in store.

Skills and techniques used for the Ainsley Beret:

  • stranded colour work
  • knitting in the round
  • knit and purl stitches
  • blocking

The Ainsley Beret is a great short project for someone interested in learning the Fair Isle technique.


The Neck’s Big Thing

With it Summer may bring beaches, holidays, seafood and ice-cream, but Autumn has its own benefits to pride itself on. Experiencing the comfort of those soft, fluffy slippers that you would have sweltered in a couple of months ago… The crackle of a dry leaf when you step on it (you spotted it lying there and went for it, didn’t you?)… Enjoying hot drinks again for more than just their caffeine content…

Yep, Autumn isn’t half bad!

Do you know what else Autumn is good for? Scarves! It’s getting cool enough in the morning that they are nice to have on when you’re leaving the house. Because they are a fairly quick knitting project, if you wear your old ones in the mornings for now while you knit a new one, it can be ready for when it’s cool enough to wear it all day (and it won’t be long!).

We have some new scarf patterns that are really lovely, and when made in different colour combinations, look great on both men and women.


Crown Street Scarf

One of the Morris and Sons team, Adelaide, has been in London recently, and has seen a number of scarves being worn that look quite similar to this gem!

Crown St Scarf

Crown St Scarf2


Abe Scarf

The pattern for this scarf gives instructions for an adults’ and a kids’ size, so this can be knitted up for the whole family! Think of this black and white picture as a (nearly) blank canvas. Picture the colours you would knit this in for your kids, grandkids, husband or wife, and of course, what colours would you pick for yourself?

Abe Scarf


Landscape Scarf

Like the Crown Street Scarf, this is a nice, neat, thin scarf – but just because it isn’t chunky, doesn’t mean it isn’t warm! It looks particularly fine with a fringe on the ends, too!

Landscape Scarf

Landscape Scarf2

Landscape Scarf3


Keep on enjoying all the great things about Autumn, everyone!

Cosiness Loves Company…

…That’s why it’s a good thing that we have not one, but two new blanket patterns, both of which are just as snuggly as the other!

Everleigh’s Flower Blanket

This crocheted blanket is so much fun! It just glows happiness from every brightly-coloured angle! It’s made from Morris Estate 8ply which comes in over 56 colours. You could easily customise your own colour scheme for this to suit your décor.

Everleigh's Flower Blanket

Everleigh's Flower Blanket Pattern Cover


Rochester Throw

There’s something luscious about this throw. It’s thick, warm and heavenly. And in Morris Empire 8ply it feels so soft! What’s even better about this is that you don’t have to wait until it’s done to enjoy it – once you get to a certain length you can sit and knit it with a cup of tea and the end draped over your knee!

Rochester Throw

Rochester Throw Pattern Cover


Blankets and throws can be just the thing on a cold winter’s day, but when you’re not curled up under them they can also look great draped over a lounge, or smoothed out over the end of a bed. It’s a good thing too, because if you made one of these beauties, you’d never want to put it away!