The Noro Magazine and Melbourne!

From the last few posts on this blog it is clear that it’s no secret that we love Noro! Recently, our Melbourne store has been knitting up some beautiful creations from the newest Noro Magazine, Colour Blooms. We think that these are so gorgeous that had to share a couple with you!

If you haven’t checked out this Noro Magazine Colour Blooms below you need to now! It’s just got too many incredible patterns in it to miss out on for both knitters and crocheters. We’ve placed a handful below to give you a taste. But if you haven’t definietly pop into one of our stores and have a flick through this magazine!


Front Cover Shawl!

Our favourite is this beautiful shawl! The same one that’s on the front cover. Being not too warm but not too cool, this is the perfect project to prepare for Spring with! It’s been knitted in Noro Silk Garden Lite Colour 44. And the pictures below just say it all…doesn’t this colour just make it?


Baby Garments and Toy Sheep!

If you’re looking for some wonderful cute baby garments and toys to knit then you cannot go past this combination. Amazingly, this whole outfit – the beanie, jacket and toy sheep – was all done with only one ball of Schoppel Starke 6, Colour 2170!

There was even some left over for another gorgeous baby sheep.


We hope you enjoy looking at these creations as much as we do!

Happy knitting!

Mad about Noro and Winners of the Class Giveaway!

So this week we are mad about Noro! Take a look at the beautiful new Noro Garments we are knitting at Morris and Sons! We are also proud to announce the winners of the class give away – the lucky winners are listed at the end of this post.


First up we have ‘Vina’ from the Noro Passion book knitted in our lovely new yarn Noro Kirara. If you are looking for that Spring Cardigan to start then this is definitely a pattern that you should check out. Kirara’s content is 51% Wool, 29% Cotton, 10% Silk, and 10% Angora. The cotton gives it a delicate softness and as a fibre it is perfect for that in-between season! These rich hues are Colour 15 and the chevron pattern makes it comes alive!

Vina from Noro Passion

Design 7

And if you’re still knitting for winter then check out Design 7 from Noro NOW!. This has been knitted in Noro Odori a chunky 16ply, knits up super quick and uses 7.00mm needles. Odori is made up of 45% silk, 45% kid mohair, 10% lambswool and it is super warm. Although Design 7 is simple the cables give it attitude and balance the bright colours. This is Colour 9 and they’ll definitely see you coming in this jacket!

Design 7 from Noro Now


For the crocheters out there check out this sweet bolero. ‘Hiba’ design from Noro Passion has been crocheted in Silk Garden Lite #2094 using a 4.00mm hook. The pattern is cute, easy and quick – could you want more? The one size fits most but it is also easy to adapt. If you would like to make it longer simply add another row of squares to the bottom. And with the crocheted border you can have as many or few buttons as you like. We have used Mother of Pearl buttons which compliment the silk thoughout.

Hiba from Noro Passion


This cardigan ‘Karma,’ has been knitted in Noro Mossa another one of our new yarns. With it’s lovely texture and simple style, this is going to be one of those cardigans that is worn everyday. The warm reds, oranges, yellows, purples and greens are colour 12. This design is also from the Noro Passion pattern book and is finished by our own beautiful button!

Karma from Noro Passion


And finally, our favourite. This is ‘Mabel’ from the Noro Vintage book. Created in Noro Kureyon Colour 308, this rainbow vest is ever so versatile. Firstly, with so many colours it is bound to match many outfit – as a vest, over a t-shirt or peeking out from under a jacket. This Chevron stitch is relaxing to knit and looks better with every row. If you have been looking for a first garment to knit in Noro then I recommend this one. The Noro Kureyon is 100% wool, very warm and worth every stitch.

Mabel from Noro Vintage

Class Give-away Winners!

And now for the winners of our class give-away. A huge congratulations to….

For Sydney:

hmil on June 27, 2013 at 6:08 pm who said:

Thanks to Joey and her brilliant beginners class the other month, I have now knitted a scarf & hand warmers. I would love to learn how to knit cables.


For Melbourne:

Paula on June 27, 2013 at 6:02 pm who said:

I would love to learn Knit Stage 1 in Melbourne. I’ve done lots of crochet but I always want to learn to knit.. It would be a great experience and the best wedding anniversary present for myself if I win.

Congratulations Hmil and Paula. You have each won a free class! Please call (02) 9299 8588 and ask for Adelaide or Lexie to arrange your prize classes. I hope you enjoy your Cable and Knit Stage 1 classes.

A big thank you to everyone for posting your comments. We loved your participation and excitment for our classes!

Happy knitting and crocheting!

Our 5 Favourite Things: Staff Picks for the Winter Sale!

With the sale ending this Sunday we decided to ask Morris and Sons staff what are their favourite things they have been snapping up in this Winter! There were so many we have compiled a list of the top five! So…

In Number 5 position of our favourite things we have:

The Louenhide Bags! At 30% off, in great colours and with lots of hidey holes and pockets for all your knitting needles and accessories. These are definitely one of the must haves of the season.

43182 43179 43173 43195

Our Favourite Things Number 4:

Ehrman Cushion Kits! Truly beautiful designs and now 20% off. Whether you’re a Klimt, Kaffe Fassett or Blue Willow fan there is something for everyone. Be sure to check these beauties out if your looking for that ongoing stitching project that would be perfect in your home.

39744 34425 39771 33358

Our Favourite Things Number 3:

Sale Packs! 10 balls of quality yarn at an amazing price. What more could you want? Particular staff favourites have been Cleckheaton Country Paint Box – particularly Colour 31 the Dark Blue and Brown the perfect colour for men’s sweaters, and our Patons Jet 12ply and Inca 14ply. These lovely chunky yarns knit up super quick and looks great. Just see one of our favourite homewares books, Patons Family and Homewares below for proof!


Inca photo shoot more bedroom accessories

Our Favourite Things Number 2:

Schoppel Crazy Zauberballs! Can you ever have enough socks?!? Well we don’t think so and with one ball per pair you cannot go wrong. Usually $24 per ball, now $19.20 each and in a wide array of superb colours.

42554 42555 42556 42557 40880 40882 42558

Our Favourite Things Number 1:

Morris Empire! It’s no surprise that our lovely Morris Empire has been a hit this winter. And who doesn’t love it! It is a beautiful merino wool yarn, comes in 2, 4 and 8ply AND looks especially greats when it is done in fair isle. If you’re looking for a project to knit on these long winter nights then check out our Ainsley Fair Isle Beret. This has been a hit here at Morris and Sons and we’re sure you’ll love it too.


43594 DSC_1748

So these are our favourite things for this Winter Sale ending on Sunday, 23rd of June! Tell us, what are yours?

Knitting for the Front Line

“Just a few lines to thank you for the parcel I received from you. We are always pleased to receive Australian sox, and especially from the Knitting League of dear old Broken Hill. We know that the ladies of Australia are working hard for the soldiers at the front … We were on Gallipoli 14 weeks, and under fire the whole time. You never knew the second when you might be in the way of a shot. I had one or two close shaves, and am glad to have left it. We badly needed a spell, but we are fit and well again now, and ready for any old thing that comes along. I will end with best wishes to the ladies of the Knitting League …”

– Lance-Corporal Andrew, February 18th 1916, No. 250, B Company, 27th Battalion, A.I.F, Egypt in a letter to Mrs. Wearne published in the Barrier Miner, Broken Hill, April 23rd 1916*


Imagine the sound of thousands of knitting needles clicking in unison across a nation. They are knitting much-needed socks for the diggers, whose perpetually wet feet in the trenches in worn and rotting socks are one by one being affected by trench foot and gangrene.

Women in Australia knitted tirelessly to provide an incredible number of socks, particularly during the First and Second World Wars. This news clip from the Pakenham Gazette and Berwick Shire News in Victoria on the 17th of June, 1917 tells of just one appeal which asked for 100,000 pairs.^


Pakenham Gazette and Berwick Shire News (Victoria), 17th of June, 1917

To this day there are not many remaining examples of the patterns these women followed, however there are a couple that have emerged which you can see and read online. Two intact copies of ‘The Grey Sock’ booklet were bequeathed to the State Library of NSW. They belonged to Irene Read, a knitter who went to Egypt with her doctor husband during WWI. Here you can see the tiny booklet, along with a sock knitted following the pattern:


Grey Sock Kit, from Sydney Morning Herald

You can view Irene’s copies of ‘The Grey Sock’ booklets on the State Library of NSW website here.

The more advanced sock knitter could follow a pattern such as the Lady Mayoress’ League ‘Directions for Knitting Two Socks at Once: For our Men on Active Service’ – preserved by the Australian War Memorial. Private H.J.WrightYou can access the PDF featuring scans of the original pattern via links on this site.

The socks knitted were worn with a uniform like this one to the left worn by Private H. J. Wright – a soldier who served in Gallipoli in 1915. Accounts such as that of Lance-Corporal Andrew tell us of the appreciation of soldiers for the knitting efforts of women back home. Thanks to snapshots from the media, we can gain a little insight into the lives of these knitters.

With resources being so scarce during war, especially in such circumstances as the rationing of many items during WWII, it is clear that they had to make the most of what they had, and yarn was no exception. Sharp-minded knitters figured out ‘knitting economies’ such as this one below, published in The Mercury in Hobart on July 8th, 1940.**

Knitting Economy








 Women knitting 1916, from Sydney Morning Herald

These women – like the ones in the 1916 picture to the right – were not only keen to share their knowledge and tips with each other; they were a picture of dedication. The following is from the obituaries column in The Ballarat Courier, Victoria on September 15th, 1915`:

Mrs. Lavinia Rhys, whose death took place at St. Kilda on the 12th inst., was within a month of the advanced age of 90 years. She retained all her faculties up to the last, and shortly before her death was busily engaged knitting socks for the soldiers.

Knitters have continued to provide needed items for our defence forces. A recent appeal to knit skull caps for troops serving overseas which fit under helmets was so successful that the entire need was met, and to the best of our knowledge no more are required.

As tomorrow marks ANZAC day, we would like to bring our reflections to a close by directing our thoughts beyond the knitters of the wars to those they were knitting for. This post has been focused on knitting, however it is far better to follow the example of the knitters themselves and fill our minds instead with the remembrance of the service and sacrifice of our defence force; past and present.



*Article from

^Article from

**Article from

`Article from

Knits Men Want

There’s something special about knitting for other people. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy (like wool!). The tricky thing about knitting for others, particularly for a surprise gift, is how to pick a pattern they will really like. After all, it’s crushing to have a garment you laboured over be banished the back of the cupboard, and even more so when it’s for a man – with all the extra time and yarn spent on knitting a larger garment.

We’re focusing today on knitting for men, and how to create something they’ll love and actually wear!

Knits Men Want is not just a pattern book. It’s an eye-opening experience into the psyche of men when it comes to knitted garments! Unlike many knitting pattern books, this one was written by a man to give women the low-down about what men want (and don’t want) them to knit. In fact Bruce Weinstein, the author, explains in a quite entertaining way the 10 rules every woman should know before knitting for a man; and the 10 patterns that go with them provide you with all a woman will ever need to knit for men.




Or, if you’re a guy who knits, it’ll give you great patterns for yourself and your mates or family, and while you read it you’ll do lots of nodding and saying “so true”!

In this video, Bruce himself gives a snapshot of the book and some of the patterns:



We don’t exactly agree with Bruce that you’ll only ever need these 10 patterns! There are some great patterns out there for men, so why not give them a go? For example, these two of ours are great for men and have been very popular!


Classic Jumper and Manhattan Slip Stitch Scarf


These are the Manhattan Slip Stitch Scarf and the Classic Men’s Jumper with Raglan Sleeves. The pattern gives instructions for a crew neck (pictured below) and also a vee neck, so it’s really two patterns in one.


Classic Jumper


The Manhattan Slip Stitch Scarf uses two different colours and is reversible. The black and grey combination is a great choice for a man (Noir #831; Beluga Twist #838), however there are many other possibilities using the Morris Empire range – for instance ‘Rust Twist’ (#841) and ‘Charcoal’ (#854) or ‘French Grey’ (#828) and ‘Beluga’ (#830).


Manhattan Slip Stitch Scarf

Staff Share Colourway Inspiration

On Tuesday, we went through two great books for getting started and expanding your skills in colour knitting. Today, we’re getting personal with colourways as the staff show off their selections for knitting our new Fair Isle pattern!

Hot off the press is the pattern for the Ainsley Fair Isle Beret! This is a great pattern for you if you’ve knitted in the round before and want to try your hand at Fair Isle, as a small piece like a hat is a good size for an experiment!


The pattern may be written up in green and blue, but there are so many great colours in the Morris Empire 4 ply range (51 to be exact!) that we thought we’d have some fun picking out what colours we would use if we were to knit this hat! Colour can be such a subjective thing that by showing you these, it’s like you’re getting to know us all a little!


1: Azure’s

It’s fairly fitting, given her name, that Azure has picked out a range of blues – and a lovely selection at that! A nice cool-coloured combination.

AzureThese colours are:

  • #401 Chalk
  • #422 Indigo
  • #408 Bluestone
  • #454 Charcoal (Main colour)
  • #420 Rainstorm (note: this yarn appears more blue in this image than it is – it has a slightly greener tone in real life.







2: Joey’s

Loving this warm set! I think it should affectionately be dubbed ‘pumpkin’ after the name of the main colour!

Joey1These colours are:

  • #401 Chalk
  • #440 Sesame Twist
  • #404 Clove
  • #441 Rust Twist
  • #409 Pumpkin (Main colour)







3: Joey’s #2

A combination of neutrals and greys over a deep, rich red-brown.

Joey2These colours are:

  • #438 Beluga Twist
  • #440 Sesame Twist
  • #454 Charcoal
  • #441 Rust Twist (Main colour)
  • #443 Seascape Twist








4: Maria

Bright colours balanced out with a lovely caramel brown and a crisp pale grey. This hat is bound to be fun!

MariaThese colours are:

  • #403 Biscuit
  • #409 Pumpkin
  • #426 Vivid Red
  • #408 Bluestone (Main colour)
  • #428 French Grey








5: Jess

A purple to pink gradient with a cream and grey that give the combination a soft appearance. Oddly enough, after choosing these, I noticed that the pinks, grey and cream all feature on the shirt I was wearing – subconsciously it gave me inspiration!

Jess These colours are:

  • #421 Luxe
  • #414 Orchid Smoke
  • #413 Ballet
  • #401 Chalk
  • #429 Smoke (Main colour)








…And how about you? What would your colourway be?

A Whole Spectrum of Possibilities

What’s the colour red to you? Is it anger, passion, danger, excitement, love or something different again?

Colour goes beyond just what we see to being something that can evoke emotion. Colour can take a drab scene and turn it into something stunning. So it’s quite natural that colour knitting can produce beautiful results – like this gorgeous jumper from the most recent Rowan magazine:

Rowan Magazine Issue 53

If you want to learn or expand your colour knitting skills, it helps to have a good guide. Color Knitting the Easy Way and Mastering Color Knitting by Melissa Leapman are fantastic for getting into colour knitting and will see you reach a stage where you’re confident in many colour knitting techniques.

Melissa Leapman Books

These books not only teach you how to colour knit, but include projects based on the techniques in the book that you’ll actually want to knit! They also include sections on design and explain how theory about colour itself applies to knitting; helping you to chose yarn colour combinations that will look great knitted up!

More than that, the books include pattern treasuries of stitches, patterns and motifs that form a useful resource to apply to your pattern of choice.

Color Knitting the Easy Way

With everything you need to know to get started, this book is perfect for knitters who want to make a break into colour knitting. In addition to the content mentioned above, it also features a handy glossary of chart symbols and many different stitches that reinvent the humble stripe. Who knew stripes could look so complex and impressive and yet be so easy to knit?

Colour Wheel


Mens Jumper

Girls Jumper


Mastering Color Knitting

This book takes colour knitting to the next level. Fair Isle, intarsia, knitting using the double knitting technique that gives you a double sided stocking stitch, 100% reversible result… There’s nothing you won’t be able to tackle after going through this book!

The best part? You can pick up this book and your needles and get to work without having gone through the other one; the instructions are nice and clear. Saying that, there are a lot of helpful tips and techniques in Color Knitting the Easy Way that will come in handy regardless of which book’s projects you’re working on!

Mens Fair Isle



Double Knitting Hat


The last thing to mention is to do with an essential part of colour knitting: colourful yarn! These are just some of our 57 colours of Morris Estate 8 ply, which is 100% Australian wool. It’s great for colour knitting, and you’re sure to find the perfect colour combination you’re looking for.

Morris Estate

If These Aren’t Awesome Beanies, We’ll Eat Our Hats!

Do you remember the old wives tale that says you lose a lot of your body heat through your head? Well, whether or not you lose more heat through your head than elsewhere; having it covered up when it’s chilly gives you one more way to keep warm.

…And what better way to keep your head toasty than a knitted hat (homemade, of course)!

I saw this charming slouch beanie in Sportsgirl last weekend, and thought ‘hey, I could knit that!’. So, I thought I’d let you know about a couple of hat patterns we’ve got that you can make ready for winter.

Sportsgirl beanie2


The Bossley Cabled Beanie

Bossley Cabled Beanie

Cables seem to take anything and make it awesome and fancy-looking!

This cap doesn’t have slouch, but if you’re into that kind of thing, you can always add repeats before you start to decrease, until you have enough extra length to give it a bit of slouch. Also, some rib around the edge of this could look good and help a slouchy version stay on. Saying all this though, the cap is nice knitted without alterations as you can see!


The Lillyfield Beanie


Another lovely accessory, I think you’ll agree! It has a delicate look, and a super-soft feel. The patterns for both of these hats suggest Morris Handspun Cashmere, and it is so, so, so, so soft! I know 4 ‘so’s’ are a lot, but it really is that soft!

If you do knit up one of these hats, post a picture on our Facebook page – we’d love to see how it turned out!


Cosiness Loves Company…

…That’s why it’s a good thing that we have not one, but two new blanket patterns, both of which are just as snuggly as the other!

Everleigh’s Flower Blanket

This crocheted blanket is so much fun! It just glows happiness from every brightly-coloured angle! It’s made from Morris Estate 8ply which comes in over 56 colours. You could easily customise your own colour scheme for this to suit your décor.

Everleigh's Flower Blanket

Everleigh's Flower Blanket Pattern Cover


Rochester Throw

There’s something luscious about this throw. It’s thick, warm and heavenly. And in Morris Empire 8ply it feels so soft! What’s even better about this is that you don’t have to wait until it’s done to enjoy it – once you get to a certain length you can sit and knit it with a cup of tea and the end draped over your knee!

Rochester Throw

Rochester Throw Pattern Cover


Blankets and throws can be just the thing on a cold winter’s day, but when you’re not curled up under them they can also look great draped over a lounge, or smoothed out over the end of a bed. It’s a good thing too, because if you made one of these beauties, you’d never want to put it away!



2013 Classes Now Available


With the new year fast approaching many of you may be looking to learn a new skill or refine an existing one so we thought we’d post our class timetable for 2013 to help you out! We have classes available that cater to the needs of various skill sets from beginner to advanced. Our classes include a range of crafts: knitting, crochet, cross stitch, tatting and embroidery. Pictured below are some of the projects you can undertake in class.


Classes available in our Melbourne store can be found at the following link: while classes available at our Sydney store can be found here:

learntoknitsockslearntoknitfairisleb learntoknitlaceb learntoknitcables learntocrossstitch LearntoTatt learnembroidery knitstage3b knitstage2b knitstage1 fitflatter crochetstage2b crochetstage1 professionallyfinish