4 Reasons Why You Should Start a New Project in Baby Cashmerino

This yarn is like an old friend. It has been around for a while now, but there’s nothing stopping it being as good as ever. Here are four reasons to get those needles clicking with some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino:

#1: Range

The Baby Cashmerino 6 ply range has an array of tints and shades of all sorts of colours! Just take a look at this selection (which doesn’t even complete the set) of cool colours…

Cool colours


…and warm colours!

Warm colours


#2: Composition

If you haven’t spent time pouring over balls of this yarn yet (which is inevitable once you encounter it in real life), that’s ok – it won’t take you long to guess its composition. Cash-merino. Yes, there’s 55% extrafine merino wool, and yes, there’s 12% cashmere, and the remainder is acrylic microfibre which makes it longer lasting and harder wearing.

#3: Feel

So with that extrafine merino wool and cashmere, you would expect it to be fairly soft to touch, and in no way does it disappoint! It feels incredibly lovely. That’s why it is such a bonus that Debbie Bliss has released four whole pattern books for babies and young children that show off the Baby Cashmerino yarn superbly… and that’s reason number 4!

#4: Pattern Books

Here are two of the four. This is one of those times where judging a book by its cover is allowable because the contents are equally as great!

Baby Cashmerino 2



Baby Cashmerino 4



So if Baby Cashmerino is an old friend of yours, maybe it’s time to get reacquainted!


Taking Crochet to the Next Level

If crochet equals granny squares in your mind, then prepare to be blown away by these amazing crochet designs! These are from the book Simply Crochet by Debbie Bliss, and truly do take crochet to the next level. So pretty!

Valerie Anouk Francois

Daisy Darcey Chantal Cleo

Josephine Catherine Teresa Sylvie

Still, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with granny squares! They can produce great results! The ‘Josephine’ scarf in Simply Crochet uses them, as do these:

(Click the pictures to see the sites they are from) Baby blanket


granny square cowl

If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of crochet, why not come along to one of our classes? The stage 1 class teaches you how to make a granny square, which means in those 3 hours you develop the skills at the core of the granny square projects above! See Sydney class dates for crochet stage 1 for April and May.

Looking to expand your crochet skills further? In the stage 2 class, you learn how to make this gorgeous scarf (and the techniques behind it)! See Sydney and Melbourne class dates for crochet stage 2.

Crochet Stage 2

Then, in our stage 3 class, you can go on to learn to create crochet garments, and make this cute baby cardigan! Book into our stage 3 class in Sydney on May 18th.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to crochet, so give it a go! You might find it becomes your new favourite craft!

As Smooth as Silk

Guess what? We’ve just got in something amazing.

If the title didn’t already spoil it; it’s silk! But it’s not just a yarn with a small amount of silk in it. This is 100% silk! Debbie Bliss has released a range of 100% silk yarn fittingly called Luxury Silk DK and now we have it!


Luxury Silk DK


It’s so incredibly soft and has a beautiful amount of sheen. When you’re holding a skein of it, it feels regal.

The selection of colours isn’t expansive, but it doesn’t have to be – when you look at the range you can tell that each colour has been carefully chosen. If you look at any one colour, it just looks natural that it should be in silk. As always, Debbie Bliss gives you the best, and the colours in this range are not exceptions.

Not just the solid colours, either – there are six gorgeous variegated yarns that are just crying out “make me into something beautiful!”

Now, we’ve got a surprise for you. It’s not just the Luxury Silk yarn.

Oh, no. There’s more than that. There’s a pattern book too!


Luxury Silk DK Book


10 new patterns, all created for Luxury Silk DK yarn. Have a look at these!


Luxury Silk DK Patterns


Just lovely, aren’t they?

So, would you like to see the whole range? All of the colours? It’s just as well, because we can’t keep them to ourselves any longer!


Luxury Silk DK range

Unveiling Avalon Cottons!

We all know that Sydney’s weather is unpredictable, but judging by the increasing warmth and humidity, spring has almost sprung.
Which means, it’s time for cotton!

Fresh out of the box, we present ‘Avalon’. This stunning new range of pima cotton comes in 4, 8 and 10 ply, each in 47 glorious colours. Yes, you read correctly; fourty-seven. For those of you who counted the 42 colours in the above photo and are wondering about the other five, here they are!

Here we have five lovely variegated colours to add to the mix. Just think of all the possibilities! (We know we’ve tried to!)

These are some staff selections of magazines and books that contain patterns perfect for putting the Avalon cottons to use.

We absolutely adore Debbie Bliss’s magazines! They come packed with patterns, some of which are taken from her equally wonderful pattern books. We have her Spring/Summer 2011 and Spring/Summer 2012 magazines available in store and online, as well as a great range of her larger books. This ‘Knitscene’ magazine from Interweave Knits is also filled with wonderful cotton creations. We have several editions in store and online. Browse through and be inspired!

This here is one of Debbie Bliss’s fantastic pattern books, ‘The Knitter’s Year’. The reason we love this book is there’s a pattern for every week of the year, organised seasonally. For cotton patterns, check out the spring and summer sections of the book. There’s a mix of homewares and garments for both adults and children. It’s one of those books where there really is something for everyone.

Although, if you’re just dying to try out all those colours, then we have just the thing for you. ‘300 Classic Blocks for Crochet Projects’ by Linda P. Schapper is a hugely comprehensive guide to crochet motifs. All shown in white, the only thing left is your imagination as to which colours you’ll use. Cotton afghans are useful and hardy, and with so many options as to which motifs and colours you can use, there’s plenty of room for you to create a truly special blanket. That said, many of these motifs can be used as decorative embellishments and incorporated into other projects. If you just feel like trying out some of the motifs, why not make a set of coasters? Or a centrepiece for your dining table? Options, options, options!

And then there’s ‘Knitting Block by Block’ by Nicky Espstein. Just about every knitting technique imaginable is covered in this book in order to give you a wondrous collection of squares to mix and match for your own afghan. Think cabling, I-cords, sewing other knitted pieces to your squares, beading, intarsia, textural stitch patterns… the list goes on! What’s more, there is also a section on ways to use your squares to make things other than afghans such as bags, hats and garments. This book is a great way to practice some more advanced knitting techniques as finishing a sample square is far less daunting than a whole project.

We all know that wool can be harsh, and with the weather warming up, it can be totally impractical for those of us who want to make something for baby. Cotton is perfect for young, sensitive skin. ‘Knits for the Modern Baby’ has plenty of sweet baby knits that will work up in next to no time and make great use of Avalon. The hard part will be choosing which pattern, and then which colour…

So there you have it. Cotton galore, and more crafting possibilities than you and the Morris and Sons Team and most any other person can poke a knitting needle or crochet hook at.

What would you make with Avalon? And for whom would you make it?
Comment and let us know. We’d love to be inspired by your ideas!

Happy creating!
The Morris and Sons Team