Hi Everyone, I hope you are enjoying this fine weather we are having first week of Spring and September! We’ve had a wonderful shipment in of our new range of 100% Baby Alpaca wool, Maya.

Alpacas if you are not familiar, come from South America and have been mainly bred over the years for their fibre bearing body.

unshorn alpaca (photo via

Maya is available in 25 shades in lace-weight, 8ply and 14ply.

100% Baby Alpaca

We have a great number of pattern books that feature alpaca yarns, below are just are few that I have selected.

“Sensual knits” is for people who like a bit of luxury in their yarns and classic modern knitting projects.

Sensual Knits by Yahaira Ferreira (5691)

We’ve had a few requests from people lately inquiring about chunky knit pattern books for scarves, accessories etc, and “Cowlgirls” is a wonderful book to suit all those chunky/bulky knit lovers out there!!

Maya 14ply would be very suitable for several patterns within “Cowlgirls”

Cowlgirls – The Neck’s Big Thing To Knit by Cathy Carron (39272)

For Maya Lace-weight why not try “The Art of Knitted Lace”! This book contains everything from casting on to blocking finished garments. There is also many patterns that would be great knitted in Morris and Son’s very own Avalon 100% Pima Cotton (please see previous post for more details)

The Art Of Knitted Lace by Potter Craft (41448)

For someone that is wanting to expand their knowledge on lace knitting and aspiring knitwear designers, the following book is for you!

Just to note, the book only contains patterns of the different stitches, no garment patterns.

50 Fabulous Lace Stitches by Rita Weiss (36378)

Some colourful inspiration for the coming weeks, wonderfully bright knitters from Peru and children with their alpacas….aren’t they fantastic!

knitters from Peru
Peruvian children and their alpacas (photo via

Happy knitting and crocheting everyone!

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