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There’s something special about knitting for other people. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy (like wool!). The tricky thing about knitting for others, particularly for a surprise gift, is how to pick a pattern they will really like. After all, it’s crushing to have a garment you laboured over be banished the back of the cupboard, and even more so when it’s for a man – with all the extra time and yarn spent on knitting a larger garment.

We’re focusing today on knitting for men, and how to create something they’ll love and actually wear!

Knits Men Want is not just a pattern book. It’s an eye-opening experience into the psyche of men when it comes to knitted garments! Unlike many knitting pattern books, this one was written by a man to give women the low-down about what men want (and don’t want) them to knit. In fact Bruce Weinstein, the author, explains in a quite entertaining way the 10 rules every woman should know before knitting for a man; and the 10 patterns that go with them provide you with all a woman will ever need to knit for men.




Or, if you’re a guy who knits, it’ll give you great patterns for yourself and your mates or family, and while you read it you’ll do lots of nodding and saying “so true”!

In this video, Bruce himself gives a snapshot of the book and some of the patterns:



We don’t exactly agree with Bruce that you’ll only ever need these 10 patterns! There are some great patterns out there for men, so why not give them a go? For example, these two of ours are great for men and have been very popular!


Classic Jumper and Manhattan Slip Stitch Scarf


These are the Manhattan Slip Stitch Scarf and the Classic Men’s Jumper with Raglan Sleeves. The pattern gives instructions for a crew neck (pictured below) and also a vee neck, so it’s really two patterns in one.


Classic Jumper


The Manhattan Slip Stitch Scarf uses two different colours and is reversible. The black and grey combination is a great choice for a man (Noir #831; Beluga Twist #838), however there are many other possibilities using the Morris Empire range – for instance ‘Rust Twist’ (#841) and ‘Charcoal’ (#854) or ‘French Grey’ (#828) and ‘Beluga’ (#830).


Manhattan Slip Stitch Scarf

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