Mad about Noro and Winners of the Class Giveaway!

So this week we are mad about Noro! Take a look at the beautiful new Noro Garments we are knitting at Morris and Sons! We are also proud to announce the winners of the class give away – the lucky winners are listed at the end of this post.


First up we have ‘Vina’ from the Noro Passion book knitted in our lovely new yarn Noro Kirara. If you are looking for that Spring Cardigan to start then this is definitely a pattern that you should check out. Kirara’s content is 51% Wool, 29% Cotton, 10% Silk, and 10% Angora. The cotton gives it a delicate softness and as a fibre it is perfect for that in-between season! These rich hues are Colour 15 and the chevron pattern makes it comes alive!

Vina from Noro Passion

Design 7

And if you’re still knitting for winter then check out Design 7 from Noro NOW!. This has been knitted in Noro Odori a chunky 16ply, knits up super quick and uses 7.00mm needles. Odori is made up of 45% silk, 45% kid mohair, 10% lambswool and it is super warm. Although Design 7 is simple the cables give it attitude and balance the bright colours. This is Colour 9 and they’ll definitely see you coming in this jacket!

Design 7 from Noro Now


For the crocheters out there check out this sweet bolero. ‘Hiba’ design from Noro Passion has been crocheted in Silk Garden Lite #2094 using a 4.00mm hook. The pattern is cute, easy and quick – could you want more? The one size fits most but it is also easy to adapt. If you would like to make it longer simply add another row of squares to the bottom. And with the crocheted border you can have as many or few buttons as you like. We have used Mother of Pearl buttons which compliment the silk thoughout.

Hiba from Noro Passion


This cardigan ‘Karma,’ has been knitted in Noro Mossa another one of our new yarns. With it’s lovely texture and simple style, this is going to be one of those cardigans that is worn everyday. The warm reds, oranges, yellows, purples and greens are colour 12. This design is also from the Noro Passion pattern book and is finished by our own beautiful button!

Karma from Noro Passion


And finally, our favourite. This is ‘Mabel’ from the Noro Vintage book. Created in Noro Kureyon Colour 308, this rainbow vest is ever so versatile. Firstly, with so many colours it is bound to match many outfit – as a vest, over a t-shirt or peeking out from under a jacket. This Chevron stitch is relaxing to knit and looks better with every row. If you have been looking for a first garment to knit in Noro then I recommend this one. The Noro Kureyon is 100% wool, very warm and worth every stitch.

Mabel from Noro Vintage

Class Give-away Winners!

And now for the winners of our class give-away. A huge congratulations to….

For Sydney:

hmil on June 27, 2013 at 6:08 pm who said:

Thanks to Joey and her brilliant beginners class the other month, I have now knitted a scarf & hand warmers. I would love to learn how to knit cables.


For Melbourne:

Paula on June 27, 2013 at 6:02 pm who said:

I would love to learn Knit Stage 1 in Melbourne. I’ve done lots of crochet but I always want to learn to knit.. It would be a great experience and the best wedding anniversary present for myself if I win.

Congratulations Hmil and Paula. You have each won a free class! Please call (02) 9299 8588 and ask for Adelaide or Lexie to arrange your prize classes. I hope you enjoy your Cable and Knit Stage 1 classes.

A big thank you to everyone for posting your comments. We loved your participation and excitment for our classes!

Happy knitting and crocheting!

Owls Galore!

Have you seen our Winter Sale email or pictures on Facebook? If you have, you will recognise these cute little guys!


Owls on branch copy

Here are a couple more you might have seen on banners if you have been in store since the sale started:


Owl on Yarn Tower Shorter copy

Owl Wrapped in Scarf copy


Well, to celebrate our Winter Sale, we have 3 new patterns, all to do with owls!


This is Oswald. He’s an 11cm tall baby owl with a keen sense of adventure!





We also have two crocheted patterns; Oscar, the amigurumi owl who will hang out anywhere you like (literally!), and Oliver the coaster, who likes nothing more than helping you relax with a cuppa.


Oscar Owl2

Oliver Owl Coaster2


During our Winter Sale there’s 20% off yarn and patterns – including these. So don’t miss the opportunity to purchase what you need for your next project at a discounted price!

Morris and Sons Online Store

Lovely Ladies’ Accessories

These scarves are pretty, feminine and just waiting to be added to your winter wardrobe!


Daisy Lace Scarf

Made using Grignasco Kid Seta 2 ply – a 70% mohair, 30% silk yarn – this scarf is deliciously soft and fluffy!


Daisy Lace Scarf


Isadora Scarf

A chevron scarf which sets of the colours of Morris Quartet 8 ply beautifully.


Isadora Scarf


Esmerelda Lace Scarf

Schoppel Wolle’s Lace Ball range includes some great colours – combined with this chevron lace pattern, this one is a winner!


Esmerelda Lace Scarf


Francesca Cabled Scarf

If you’re looking for a warm scarf for those frosty mornings, this is the one! Knitted in Morris Estate 14 ply.


Francesca Cabled Scarf


It was a beautiful day when we took these snaps of the scarves. Scarves and the outdoors are made for each other, so we will finish off by sharing these with you, too:




The Neck’s Big Thing

With it Summer may bring beaches, holidays, seafood and ice-cream, but Autumn has its own benefits to pride itself on. Experiencing the comfort of those soft, fluffy slippers that you would have sweltered in a couple of months ago… The crackle of a dry leaf when you step on it (you spotted it lying there and went for it, didn’t you?)… Enjoying hot drinks again for more than just their caffeine content…

Yep, Autumn isn’t half bad!

Do you know what else Autumn is good for? Scarves! It’s getting cool enough in the morning that they are nice to have on when you’re leaving the house. Because they are a fairly quick knitting project, if you wear your old ones in the mornings for now while you knit a new one, it can be ready for when it’s cool enough to wear it all day (and it won’t be long!).

We have some new scarf patterns that are really lovely, and when made in different colour combinations, look great on both men and women.


Crown Street Scarf

One of the Morris and Sons team, Adelaide, has been in London recently, and has seen a number of scarves being worn that look quite similar to this gem!

Crown St Scarf

Crown St Scarf2


Abe Scarf

The pattern for this scarf gives instructions for an adults’ and a kids’ size, so this can be knitted up for the whole family! Think of this black and white picture as a (nearly) blank canvas. Picture the colours you would knit this in for your kids, grandkids, husband or wife, and of course, what colours would you pick for yourself?

Abe Scarf


Landscape Scarf

Like the Crown Street Scarf, this is a nice, neat, thin scarf – but just because it isn’t chunky, doesn’t mean it isn’t warm! It looks particularly fine with a fringe on the ends, too!

Landscape Scarf

Landscape Scarf2

Landscape Scarf3


Keep on enjoying all the great things about Autumn, everyone!

Taking Crochet to the Next Level

If crochet equals granny squares in your mind, then prepare to be blown away by these amazing crochet designs! These are from the book Simply Crochet by Debbie Bliss, and truly do take crochet to the next level. So pretty!

Valerie Anouk Francois

Daisy Darcey Chantal Cleo

Josephine Catherine Teresa Sylvie

Still, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with granny squares! They can produce great results! The ‘Josephine’ scarf in Simply Crochet uses them, as do these:

(Click the pictures to see the sites they are from) Baby blanket


granny square cowl

If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of crochet, why not come along to one of our classes? The stage 1 class teaches you how to make a granny square, which means in those 3 hours you develop the skills at the core of the granny square projects above! See Sydney class dates for crochet stage 1 for April and May.

Looking to expand your crochet skills further? In the stage 2 class, you learn how to make this gorgeous scarf (and the techniques behind it)! See Sydney and Melbourne class dates for crochet stage 2.

Crochet Stage 2

Then, in our stage 3 class, you can go on to learn to create crochet garments, and make this cute baby cardigan! Book into our stage 3 class in Sydney on May 18th.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to crochet, so give it a go! You might find it becomes your new favourite craft!

As Smooth as Silk

Guess what? We’ve just got in something amazing.

If the title didn’t already spoil it; it’s silk! But it’s not just a yarn with a small amount of silk in it. This is 100% silk! Debbie Bliss has released a range of 100% silk yarn fittingly called Luxury Silk DK and now we have it!


Luxury Silk DK


It’s so incredibly soft and has a beautiful amount of sheen. When you’re holding a skein of it, it feels regal.

The selection of colours isn’t expansive, but it doesn’t have to be – when you look at the range you can tell that each colour has been carefully chosen. If you look at any one colour, it just looks natural that it should be in silk. As always, Debbie Bliss gives you the best, and the colours in this range are not exceptions.

Not just the solid colours, either – there are six gorgeous variegated yarns that are just crying out “make me into something beautiful!”

Now, we’ve got a surprise for you. It’s not just the Luxury Silk yarn.

Oh, no. There’s more than that. There’s a pattern book too!


Luxury Silk DK Book


10 new patterns, all created for Luxury Silk DK yarn. Have a look at these!


Luxury Silk DK Patterns


Just lovely, aren’t they?

So, would you like to see the whole range? All of the colours? It’s just as well, because we can’t keep them to ourselves any longer!


Luxury Silk DK range

Staff Share Colourway Inspiration

On Tuesday, we went through two great books for getting started and expanding your skills in colour knitting. Today, we’re getting personal with colourways as the staff show off their selections for knitting our new Fair Isle pattern!

Hot off the press is the pattern for the Ainsley Fair Isle Beret! This is a great pattern for you if you’ve knitted in the round before and want to try your hand at Fair Isle, as a small piece like a hat is a good size for an experiment!


The pattern may be written up in green and blue, but there are so many great colours in the Morris Empire 4 ply range (51 to be exact!) that we thought we’d have some fun picking out what colours we would use if we were to knit this hat! Colour can be such a subjective thing that by showing you these, it’s like you’re getting to know us all a little!


1: Azure’s

It’s fairly fitting, given her name, that Azure has picked out a range of blues – and a lovely selection at that! A nice cool-coloured combination.

AzureThese colours are:

  • #401 Chalk
  • #422 Indigo
  • #408 Bluestone
  • #454 Charcoal (Main colour)
  • #420 Rainstorm (note: this yarn appears more blue in this image than it is – it has a slightly greener tone in real life.







2: Joey’s

Loving this warm set! I think it should affectionately be dubbed ‘pumpkin’ after the name of the main colour!

Joey1These colours are:

  • #401 Chalk
  • #440 Sesame Twist
  • #404 Clove
  • #441 Rust Twist
  • #409 Pumpkin (Main colour)







3: Joey’s #2

A combination of neutrals and greys over a deep, rich red-brown.

Joey2These colours are:

  • #438 Beluga Twist
  • #440 Sesame Twist
  • #454 Charcoal
  • #441 Rust Twist (Main colour)
  • #443 Seascape Twist








4: Maria

Bright colours balanced out with a lovely caramel brown and a crisp pale grey. This hat is bound to be fun!

MariaThese colours are:

  • #403 Biscuit
  • #409 Pumpkin
  • #426 Vivid Red
  • #408 Bluestone (Main colour)
  • #428 French Grey








5: Jess

A purple to pink gradient with a cream and grey that give the combination a soft appearance. Oddly enough, after choosing these, I noticed that the pinks, grey and cream all feature on the shirt I was wearing – subconsciously it gave me inspiration!

Jess These colours are:

  • #421 Luxe
  • #414 Orchid Smoke
  • #413 Ballet
  • #401 Chalk
  • #429 Smoke (Main colour)








…And how about you? What would your colourway be?

Cosiness Loves Company…

…That’s why it’s a good thing that we have not one, but two new blanket patterns, both of which are just as snuggly as the other!

Everleigh’s Flower Blanket

This crocheted blanket is so much fun! It just glows happiness from every brightly-coloured angle! It’s made from Morris Estate 8ply which comes in over 56 colours. You could easily customise your own colour scheme for this to suit your décor.

Everleigh's Flower Blanket

Everleigh's Flower Blanket Pattern Cover


Rochester Throw

There’s something luscious about this throw. It’s thick, warm and heavenly. And in Morris Empire 8ply it feels so soft! What’s even better about this is that you don’t have to wait until it’s done to enjoy it – once you get to a certain length you can sit and knit it with a cup of tea and the end draped over your knee!

Rochester Throw

Rochester Throw Pattern Cover


Blankets and throws can be just the thing on a cold winter’s day, but when you’re not curled up under them they can also look great draped over a lounge, or smoothed out over the end of a bed. It’s a good thing too, because if you made one of these beauties, you’d never want to put it away!



Attention Noro Fans!

You will be excited to hear that we now have the Noro Passion book by Jane Ellison available! The patterns are fabulous, and even feature a few crochet garments and accessories; a first for a Jane Ellison book!

Jane called the book Passion in the sense of “creating a strong liking and affection for or prompting enthusiasm”, and says “This is what Noro seems to do to knitters”…

…And with patterns like these, it’s not hard to see why!

Vina Dewey Mana-1 Amada Prema Ife-1 Hiba Karenza Mercy-1 Luba Karma Ame

One great thing about this book is that it has a good range of patterns for different weather – ‘Vina’, ‘Karma’ and ‘Ife’ (oh, Ife! Love it.) would be perfect for Autumn. ‘Luba’ and ‘Dewey’ look like they’d make nice and cosy additions to a Winter wardrobe.

Now, the Noro yarns used in these patterns are of 8, 10 and 12 plies. If you’re looking for some great Noro colour to match these patterns, why not check out the Silk Garden Lite range for 8 ply, the Kureyon, Silk Garden, Taiyo or Shirakaba ranges for 10 ply or the Kogarashi range for 12 ply. Keep an eye out for new Noro yarns later in 2013!

Author’s pick? The ‘Amada’ cowl. As someone who is perpetually cold, I like to keep an eye out for dashing accessories such as this, which add just that little bit extra warmth (and a whole lot of extra style!).


Note: we now have colours from the Kirara and Haniwa yarn ranges which are featured in 8 and 10 ply patterns in Passion. Click here to go to a post where you can see these yarns closer.

New Books!


Looking for some inspiration? Or maybe a little light summer reading? We have new books in store that might just do the trick, with titles such as Amigurumi Animal Friends, Learn to Knit Socks and Fair Isle & Beyond. Our new books are also included in our Christmas Sale so now is the perfect time to check out our wide range of titles. To view our full range of books and magazine titles please visit us at:

41271 41278 27492 41942 41280 41939 15484 15443