We have a great competition going for all of those who are able to pop into our Melbourne store.

The Bicycle!

This fantastic creation was made by Judith in Melbourne. Most of which she didn’t use patterns for and uses our very own, Morris and Sons Estate 8ply!

The Prizes!

You can start your very own project with all the knitting treats, as seen in the bicycle basket which are up for grabs. For your chance to win, drop by Morris and Sons, Level 1, 234 Collins Street, Melbourne, and take a picture of yourself with the bike. Send photograph to

a very FOXY seat!

Several of the little tiny creatures patterns came from the book shown below which is available at Morris and Sons.

75 Birds & Little Beasts to Knit and Crochet by Lesley Stanfield (39989)

And the little mouse on pedal is available as a free downloadable pattern

Follow this link…

We look forward to seeing your entries!

Good Luck!!

Unveiling Avalon Cottons!

We all know that Sydney’s weather is unpredictable, but judging by the increasing warmth and humidity, spring has almost sprung.
Which means, it’s time for cotton!

Fresh out of the box, we present ‘Avalon’. This stunning new range of pima cotton comes in 4, 8 and 10 ply, each in 47 glorious colours. Yes, you read correctly; fourty-seven. For those of you who counted the 42 colours in the above photo and are wondering about the other five, here they are!

Here we have five lovely variegated colours to add to the mix. Just think of all the possibilities! (We know we’ve tried to!)

These are some staff selections of magazines and books that contain patterns perfect for putting the Avalon cottons to use.

We absolutely adore Debbie Bliss’s magazines! They come packed with patterns, some of which are taken from her equally wonderful pattern books. We have her Spring/Summer 2011 and Spring/Summer 2012 magazines available in store and online, as well as a great range of her larger books. This ‘Knitscene’ magazine from Interweave Knits is also filled with wonderful cotton creations. We have several editions in store and online. Browse through and be inspired!

This here is one of Debbie Bliss’s fantastic pattern books, ‘The Knitter’s Year’. The reason we love this book is there’s a pattern for every week of the year, organised seasonally. For cotton patterns, check out the spring and summer sections of the book. There’s a mix of homewares and garments for both adults and children. It’s one of those books where there really is something for everyone.

Although, if you’re just dying to try out all those colours, then we have just the thing for you. ‘300 Classic Blocks for Crochet Projects’ by Linda P. Schapper is a hugely comprehensive guide to crochet motifs. All shown in white, the only thing left is your imagination as to which colours you’ll use. Cotton afghans are useful and hardy, and with so many options as to which motifs and colours you can use, there’s plenty of room for you to create a truly special blanket. That said, many of these motifs can be used as decorative embellishments and incorporated into other projects. If you just feel like trying out some of the motifs, why not make a set of coasters? Or a centrepiece for your dining table? Options, options, options!

And then there’s ‘Knitting Block by Block’ by Nicky Espstein. Just about every knitting technique imaginable is covered in this book in order to give you a wondrous collection of squares to mix and match for your own afghan. Think cabling, I-cords, sewing other knitted pieces to your squares, beading, intarsia, textural stitch patterns… the list goes on! What’s more, there is also a section on ways to use your squares to make things other than afghans such as bags, hats and garments. This book is a great way to practice some more advanced knitting techniques as finishing a sample square is far less daunting than a whole project.

We all know that wool can be harsh, and with the weather warming up, it can be totally impractical for those of us who want to make something for baby. Cotton is perfect for young, sensitive skin. ‘Knits for the Modern Baby’ has plenty of sweet baby knits that will work up in next to no time and make great use of Avalon. The hard part will be choosing which pattern, and then which colour…

So there you have it. Cotton galore, and more crafting possibilities than you and the Morris and Sons Team and most any other person can poke a knitting needle or crochet hook at.

What would you make with Avalon? And for whom would you make it?
Comment and let us know. We’d love to be inspired by your ideas!

Happy creating!
The Morris and Sons Team

C is for Cardigan, Crochet Class, and Cross Stitch…

This week we have a whole mix of exciting things to show you! There are new patterns, new yarns, new cross stitches and new classes, as well as some sample garments waiting for new homes.

First up, here are a couple of wonderful garments made from some of our new Grignasco yarns and patterns.

This gorgeous and soft cabled cardigan is made from Tikal 14ply, a baby alpaca, merino, polyamide blend. The pattern is “Marea” from ‘Knitting an Italian Day’. Tikal yarn comes in a number of neutral browns and creams and knits up super quickly.

Another fantastic Grignasco pattern is this poncho-style coat from the book ‘Knitting Notes’. The yarn used is Loden 10ply, which has a lovely tweed fleck, and a slight fluff as it contains alpaca.

This coat makes for something a bit different if you’re looking for a change from cardigans and jumpers. And just look at those sweet matching crochet covered buttons!

In other crochet news, we have our Sydney Learn to Crochet Stage 2 class coming up this Saturday (25/08). If you’re wanting to further your crochet skills and progress beyond the humble granny square make sure you reserve yourself a place! The class focuses on making this fantastic floral scarf in Morris Estate 8ply…

Over the three hours you will learn how to make and join these floral motifs and cover techniques such as changing colours. You can book in store, over the phone, or online here.

And now for the stitchers among us, here is something for you! We have some lovely, new Lanarte cross stitch kits which we’re just dying to stitch.

Pop into our store and have a look, or check them out on our website here.

We’ve been clearing out a bit of space for all our new stock and so we’ve decide to part with some of our samples. At the rear of our knitting department we have this display of knitted and crocheted garments and homewares that are for sale. These items include jumpers, cardigans, scarves and children’s clothes*. Make sure you come in and have a look!

*(These samples are made from yarns or patterns that we no longer stock at Morris and Sons.)

Thank you for joining us for another post! Make sure you subscribe to our blog, and don’t forget to leave us a comment letting us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you.
Happy creating!

The Morris and Sons Team

What’s new!

Hi dear crafty friends,

We’ve received the first installment of a delivery from Schoppel-Wolle and Grignasco, so The Morris and Sons Team thought we’d give you a little taster of some of the wonderful new yarns available in store. We are all tremendously excited, and busy coming up with new projects to make use of all of our new stock. Read on to find out about the recent changes to our store, including a wall-full of sock yarn and plenty of mohair.

First of all, our baby wool has had a revamp. Along with the traditional white, pink, blue and yellow, we’ve got some fabulous new colours in store for you.

This vibrant wall showcases Grignasco’s Bambi 3ply 100% Extra Fine Merino, a very welcome addition to our store! Just look at all of those colours! These would be superb for some colourful babies’ clothes, or a fun pram blanket. Or if you’d rather knit something for yourself or a fellow adult, why not try using this yarn for Fair Isle? There are plenty of colours to choose from.

Moving slightly to the left, we have our sock yarn wall.

A vast majority of our new stock has come in the form of sock yarn. And for those of you that have never made socks, there’s no need to think that you can’t take one of these lovely balls of yarn home for your stash! Morris and Sons has released its new class schedule, and among the many workshops we have on offer is ‘Learn to Knit Socks’! You can book your place in store, over the phone, or online here. Information on the rest of our classes can be viewed on our website, for Sydney here, and Melbourne here.

Already raided and bought by a number of staff members, let us introduce to you Admiral sock yarn from Schoppel-Wolle. Available in self-striping, self-patterning (similar to a Fair Isle effect, but with all the hard work done for you), and block colours.

Use one of these vibrant and fun block colours and pick a fabulous stitch pattern for your socks. Or, try striping them. Or for those of you that aren’t as outgoing with your socks, why not use them as a contrast toe and heel on your basic, everyday socks and smile knowing that there’s a secret party in your shoe!

More from Schoppel-Wolle, we have the Zauberball. The Zauberball features a smooth gradient of colour, and most colourways have a “Crazy Zauberball” counterpart with a twist running through it. These are just some of the many colours we have in store.

For those of you that love these colourways but would prefer a different ply, some colours are available in a lace-weight Zauberball, or a 6ply Crazy Zauberball. We have had these in stock for some time now, but in nowhere near as many colours. You simply must come in and check them out.

But keep in mind, sock yarn is not just for socks! Any of these yarns can be substituted into a 4ply pattern for some incredible results.

‘One Skein Wonders’, available in store, is a fantastic demonstration of how one skein of sock yarn can be knitted or crocheted to make so many different things. In fact, this book contains 101 great projects. Think gloves, hats, shawls, children’s outfits, bags, and yes, socks!

We know many of you have been asking us for mohair for your projects for quite some time now. So here’s a sampler of some of the mohair we now have in stock. There are plenty more colours available in 2, 8 and 10ply.

Something else exciting you may have noticed if you’ve visited us in the last few weeks is our new branding! We’re really stoked about this change. Here you can see our new ball bands, complete with updated logo and colours.

This particular colour is a new addition to our Empire 100% Australian Superwash Merino. We’ve named it Absinthe and it’s available in 2, 4, and 8ply.

Our very talented Sydney store manager, a big fan of the colour green, has been crocheting the ‘Darcey’ dress from Debbie Bliss’s gorgeous book ‘Simply Crochet’ (available in store). It’s looking incredible so far, and we’ll make sure to post some photos when it’s finished.

Here’s a little close up of the stunning scalloped stitch pattern:

You might notice, from these photos if you’re super observant, or if you’ve visited us in the last fortnight, that the shop has had a reshuffle. We’ll be sharing a post here with more information about the new layout, but if you have any questions when you visit us we’ll be very happy to explain where things have moved. The layout is organised by ply, but topsy-turvied so that the finer plies are at the rear of the store where as the bulky-weight yarns are closer to the stairs. The Noro has also been integrated with all of the other yarns. We hope this new layout will help you have more of a sense of your options when choosing yarn for you project. We know it’s helped us see our yarns in a totally new light.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about the changes to our stock and branding. Don’t forget to leave us a comment below!

The Morris and Sons Team